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Obie Medley 20+ Pepper Blend

Obie Medley 20+ Pepper Blend

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Medium Hot

Base: Lime juice & white vinegar

Peppers: Yello Fever, haba nada, trinidad perfume, scotch freeport orange, trinidad big bean, yellow thai, lemon drop, aleppo, cayenne, sweet apple red, sugar rush peach, giant red habanero, sugar rush stripey, big thai hybrid, and more

Flavor profile: A very tasty blend of over 20 peppers from a grower in Minnesota. Deep flavor with a bright citrus heat at the end from the Yellow Fever pepper. A unique and complex sauce.

Ingredients: Mixed Peppers, vinegar, Lime juice, water, garlic, salt, spices

Since all peppers are different, color and heat level may vary from batch to batch.

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