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Primotalii Hot Sauce

Primotalii Hot Sauce

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Ridiculously Hot

Base: Lime juice, lemon juice & vinegar

Pepper: Primotalii

Flavor profile: Remember what we said about the 7 Pot Douglah and it being the hottest sauce we've ever made? Well that's not the case anymore. This sauce is sweet, citrusy, fruity, a with hints of floral notes and absolutely face-meltingly hot AF. Use are your own very delicious risk.

Ingredients: Primotalii red pepper, Lime Juice, lemon juice, Vinegar, Water, garlic, salt,  spices

Since all peppers are different, color and heat level may vary from batch to batch.

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Abby Wolves

Amazing flavor and heat. I use this hot sauce on basically everything. But it goes especially well on a quesadilla. I still prefer their 7 Pot Primo. But, since the Primotalli is typically in stock, this one takes the cake.


I have been waiting for a long time to taste a Primotalli hot sauce. This one did not disappoint. Very hot and tasty!


Oh yeah, that’s hot. Pure pepper taste with little vinegar. If you’re a non-chili head, this will hurt you. If you’re a chili-head, I’d give it a 7/10 on heat. Thank you Johnny Scoville for recommending!


Straight up pepper. If you don’t like the flavor of peppers like Carolina Reaper or Ghost peppers then you probably wouldn’t like it.

Heat: 10/10

Flavor: 8/10 => could use more secondary like garlic but that might throw off heat

Sauce color: Beautiful, orangutan orange, with specks of red (assuming premotalii’s) and some seeds

Consistency: Some where in-between Franks Red Hot and ketchup; light, shouldn’t clog, but not so light where it pours out onto your plate lickety-split

Overall: 10/10 Great sauce with great spice made by a great company! Thanks for this amazing sauce and am excited to try more!


I use this with almost everything, I love how it does not trade heat for flavor. It’s plenty hot with great flavor!